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A1 Solar Consultants Here To Help You

Saving our planet one home at a time.

Want to reduce your electric bill, learn more about us here!

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Free installation, No money down is needed

Free, At Home

We will schedule an appointment with you that will last around 30 to 60 minutes 

Warranty &

With us you will have a 30 year warranty

Why Choose Us

Satisfied Customers

"Ive had solar for a year, at first there seemed to be no difference but in a couple months are bill went away completely! I started to get a negative on my bill and was receiving money back."

Glen C.

"Solar has been fantastic for my home. I bought solar two years ago and my electric bill has not gone up. With energy prices going up I no longer have to fear about my bill going up as well. James and Arthur have been very helpful throughout the whole process."

John B.

"One of the consultants came out and made me aware of how I was wasting my money and the benefits of solar. My home is now an asset rather than a liability."

Jacob M.

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